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Manly Ads 2011

Another year, another round of MANLY Ads! If you saw last year’s video compilation then you know the concept… We’re constantly being bombarded with messages about what it means to be a real man in this society… This video examines one source of those messages; advertising (televised ads in particular). What themes and messages about […] Read more

On September 18th & 19th, I’ll be co-facilitating a set of MVP trainings with student-athletes at the University of Louisville […] Read more

On September 1st, I’ll be speaking on a panel entitled “Lessons From The Field” at the Futures Without Violence sponsored orientation for recipients of the Office of Violence Against Women (OVW)’s Engaging Men Grant […] Read more

On April 7th, I will be delivering a keynote speech titled: “Mad Men, Monsters & Misogynists: depictions of masculinity and sexual violence” during Sexual Assault Awareness Month at Brown University. If you’re in the area, come and check it out […] Read more

Another set of diversity and sexual harassment prevention trainings with NASCAR officials. This session, also taking place in Daytona Beach, FL (just like my last one) is for office staff and will be my second set of NASCAR trainings this year […] Read more

On April 6th, I will be conducting a series of healthy relationships classes at North Reading High School in conjunction with the organization: Partners In Sex Education. My sessions will be one of many healthy relationship and sexuality courses offered to the students that day […] Read more

This is the final Air Force Bystander Intervention Train-the-Trainer facilitator training. After this we’re done training the select group of Air Force SARCs who will take over our roles and train new SARCs. This final session will take place at Andrews AFB in Maryland on March 15-17, 2011 […] Read more

I’ll be co-facilitating a two day Mentors in Violence Prevention (MVP) Program Train The Trainers session at Colgate University in early March […] Read more

Another year of diversity and sexual harassment prevention trainings with NASCAR officials and staff. This session, taking place in Daytona Beach, FL is for a group of officials and will be my first of a few happening this year […] Read more

I’ll be co-facilitating a quick one day MVP awareness raising session with athletes at NC State University in Raleigh, NC on January 30, 2011 […] Read more

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